Monthly Archives: December 2006

BME icon

So when I was writing that bookmark/favicon code I did a google search for “favicon” or something and ended up at a page of “favicon battles”, and I was surprised and pleased to see that BME's logo is the #1 logo in their rankings of battles (not overall rankings). So I guess our icon kicks ass, but doesn't really come through in the end. Or something like that. Depending on when you click this, it may not be there any more, but click through to the site if you'd like.

PS. Vote me green if you like the icon.

It's like the Tardis.

Wow, can you believe that a 96″x48″ board (along with a bunch of 96″ 1x3s) can fit in our little Cherokee? I had to bend it a little, and it went all the way from the back of the truck to the front windshield (over my head), but I could still sit normally, see out all the windows, and could see my rearviews, so I doubt I could get in trouble.

Anyway, I lost my phone somewhere. I'm going to go try and find it, and then get back to mystery carpentry… I feel pretty stoked about the project I'm undertaking.

Change of Plans

OK, I've talked to two police departments and called public health and the beach info line, and no one has been able to give me a reason (other than confused “isn't it too cold to go swimming?”) why I can't, legally or otherwise. So it's on… I didn't really want to get charged with public mischeif or anything lame.

The original plan was to go to Sunnyside Beach, but I'd like to change that to Cherry Beach (the bottom of Cherry Street, past the docks) because it's the cleanest beach in Toronto by far. Same time, 3 PM. The weather forecast is nice for a winter swim, just around freezing, so the water should feel much warmer by comparison.

3PM Sunday – Cherry Beach

I wonder if it will end up being a jump into the water followed by a dash back to a warm car, or if I'll be up for a real swim. I think Saira is backing out (“but I have tickets to see The Magic Flute, wah wah” — Mozart or a wet icy demise?), but Roo and Blair still have their bravery intact. Anyone else who wants to come, please do. I think it will be fun. I have pretty loose definitions of “it will be fun”, because for me “I haven't done that before and I don't think it will kill me” is pretty much the same thing.

Pain and Fortune

So first in my medical news, after too much yelling and begging, I've finally had a form faxed in to request a CT scan for my knee. I don't know when the scan is — I guess in the next few days but I've not yet gotten a set time — and then I have an appointment with a surgeon on the 7th. It's early in the morning though so I have to figure out still how I'm going to do that and still get Nefarious off to school and all that… I can't get a daytime appointment without pushing it back even farther. Still, I'm glad it's finally moving along, even if it is pushed back.

Other than that, also that Thursday I'm supposed to be filming a promo for a new TV show that I'm on (and I think some of you reading this might be in as well). I hope the two don't conflict. Then on Friday I get tattooed again, and of course I'm at the gym three days next week too so I look forward to another week of pain, pain, pain! Luckily I don't mind so much.