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Tuned in, just need to drop out…

Well, with Senator Kerry now fairly firmly established as the Democratic Candidate for President, we can officially start saying America is going to play out the scorched Earth scenario. Remember, Kerry voted for the war on Iraq, and as recently as yesterday Kerry has said that the problem with Bush is not enough troops and not enough military spending. (more, more)

To be very clear — a vote for Kerry is a vote for the military-industrial complex. As is a vote for Bush. Hell, Kerry has even said (along with Dean) that women should be registered for the draft as well — an eerie thing after Kucinich (who Americans will likely not have the option of voting for, even though he has the sole differing stance) pointed out the obvious —

Some of my fellow candidates have suggested that we need more troops in Iraq before we can have fewer. But what troops do they have in mind? Our forces are stretched thin. Soldiers are being denied the right to return home upon completion of their terms of service. Where will the additional troops come from? (more)

I really think it's getting close to the time to get out of this game and get out for good. Patagonia just keeps looking better and better… I just feel this deep emotional response to pictures of it any time I see it — something reminds me of North America, but more pure and unspoiled. This photo is by Diego (check out his page for lots more amazing photos of South and Central America):

I'm being told that Argentina is well enough wired that getting a proper Internet connection is a very do-able thing, which is wonderful news. I'm hoping that Rachel and I can do a two week trip to check things out, with stopovers in Brazil and Mexico…

$8 US per acre…

…when you buy in bulk.

Diego in distortion has me hooked on the idea of moving to Patagonia. Land is very inexpensive right now because of the economic troubles in Argentina, and it looks beautiful. I wonder though, could I get proper highspeed Internet access in a remote-esque location? I don't think the satellites would be accessible from there…

Anyway, check out this real-estate site. It looks like a really lush movie-fantasy version of Colorado. Our clock's a-tickin', we have only 10 months left on this lease (and moving is oh so fun).

The gluttony of mankind

I've got a lot of people asking me to explain my statements about the apocalypse that'll radiate out from Mexico not long from now… Asking what kind of cactus I had to eat to come to that conclusion and so on. So here we go (this is just a quicky, but I hope it will suffice).

After their invasion of the Aztec kingdom, in the 16th century the Spanish captured the city of Teenochtitlan which we now call “Mexico City”. It was a beautiful place full of canals and artificial lakes and a complete water transport system. The Spanish looked at this and said “there's no way a Spanish city is going to look like Venice!” and used their slave labor to fill in all these lakes and waterways.

Initially this wasn't a big deal because Mexico City stayed stable at under a quarter million people until the middle of the 19th century when it started to explode. Now Mexico City has a population roughly equivalent to all of Canada added up. About a hundred years ago mechanized pumping of deep aquifer water became possible, and at this point three quarters of Mexico City's water is aquifer based, and it's being pumped at 80% past capacity. I should add that these aren't local aquifers — this stuff is being pumped often hundreds of miles to feed the city.

Short version — unless Mexico City at least halves its water consumption immediately, it will run out within a ten year window (and if it gets to that, it's too late to conserve). Not only will Mexico City be out, but so will a radius of a few hundred miles around it — effectively all of Mexico is expected to be without aquifer reserves within 20 years. When the aquifers start running out they will take a long time to replenish, assuming they ever do. Many coastal aquifers have been flooded with salt water, effectively destroying them, and Florida has even been so stupid as to pump sewage into its aquifers.

The Middle East is facing similar shortages, with Saudi Arabia expected to be totally out of fresh water within fifty years. Israel, Iran, Iraq, Libya, and so on are all on similar courses, and have nuclear and other WMD resources to fight over the dregs. Pakistan and India are also ticking time bombs, and both nuclear powers. China's water table has dropped 120 feet under Bejing in the last forty years, and is expecting to have major food and water shortages soon. By 2025, two thirds of the planet is expected to be facing severe water shortages.

Now, maybe you're asking why this matters. Can't water be used over and over again? Can't we just use desalination plants? The fact is, no. Water can be used over and over, but only as a part of the normal water systems (short answer: we can use as much water as falls as rain). Desalination and other cleaning systems are so hugely expensive that it only works in localized scenarios in conjunction with conservation. The only answer is water conservation and a fundamental rethinking of how we live (and yes, that means meat is a luxury because it takes a lot more water to grow it). In addition, destroying the groundwater systems like we have risks destroying 90% of the life on the planet (the “dark life” bacteria that makes up most of the Earth's biomass, a system which we basically don't understand).

This is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg and I've left out a lot. Educate yourself on this subject and prepare for it. In North America, especially Canada, we have so much water and so much money that we will probably be fine… but what's going to happen when China runs out of water and food? India and Pakistan? Israel? Are these nuclear superpowers going to just allow their people to die as they retool their economies and lifestyles? Or will they try and take “our” water? I believe that the US is preparing for exactly that scenario, and that this is precisely what we're really watching play out in Iraq right now.

If you want your answer, look at the weapons systems that China and Russia and America have been testing and investing in — they're pulling out the big-nuke ICBMs, the mobile launch platforms, and the missile defense shields. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: These are not useful anti-terror weapons/defenses. These weapons have one purpose only: global thermonuclear war.

If you're an American and you want to survive this, review these facts and realize that you have two choices — you can vote Bush, and pray that he can keep America so well armed and paranoid that it can simply coast through the apocalypse killing everyone else… or you can drop out of society and become a survivalist. The Democratic options are meager — only Kucinich has even addressed this issue. The last thing you want to do is avoid this issue. Either fix the core problems (America could lead the world in that), or just play scorched earth with the neo-cons.

(The above is largely paraphrased from the introduction to Blue Gold by Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke.)


Thanks to the barter system being alive and well, I got a telescope. Time to see if any of my neighbors are committing murders. Why does a man leave his house three times on a rainy night and comes back three times?

I haven't written much on it lately here because I think there's a whole lot more that's going to come out soon and I don't want to be premature… but basically I think that Iraq and the war on terror are masks for a much larger upcoming war. But still, brutal numbers of deaths are still a normal occurance in Iraq (more), civil rights are continuing to erode, with Iraqis having less rights under American guidance than Saddam's fist (more). And of course more part-time soldiers are being drafted as bullet magnets (more) in this colossally bloody training exercise.

But 911-Iraq is nothing in comparison to the deaths we'll see in the next fifteen years as some of our core systems collapse… First to fall? Mexico. 10 – 20 million dead, at about 2012 (an ironic date if you know your history). Next, India and Pakistan. 100 million dead inside 6 weeks. It will escalates out from there… I wish I was making this stuff up. America will have parts fall — Florida first — but it will be able to defend itself. Canada will merge with America during this timeperiod.

Experience update posted

I've just posted an experience update (153 new stories). Thanks to all the reviewers (holy crap, Don has read 8,415 experiences, and that may not even count the ones from earlier systems) and the writers of course. Gary (not on IAM) is our cover model, with 102 piercings above the neck (by Jeremy at Downers Grove Tattoo and Body Piercing, IL).

I wanted to briefly post some of the letters I'm getting in response to the students with piercings articles and QOD discussion:

I go to school in London, England, I used to have my nose piercied, and a teacher told me to take it out and I shouldn't wear it because it is a religious symbol for the Indians. I refused to take it out of course, but a friend had her tongue piercied but it was hidden so it was fine. By the way the teacher who told me to take it out was a religious studies teacher.

As far as I know alot of schools around the world do have rules not to wear piercings...similar rules to school uniform. It's way of life of school. I waited until I finished school and got all my piercings that I wanted, and I can say it meant alot more to have it done after school, it was like some reward to myself.

All I'm saying I don't really agree with school rules either, but that's life.

I'm working in a high school in Poland now and this high school has a very similar attitude towards body piercing like many American and Canadian schools. I'm modded myself and at first it was rather hard for me to work there. The rule says that piercings in body parts not accepted by our culture are not allowed at any time. First I was really shocked and angry because I don't really like this kind of "here's-what-you-can't-do" stuff. A bit later, when I learned something more about my students (how rude, negligent and lazy they can be)I started thinking that maybe there is something sensible to this rule.

Well, today I was approached by one of my students who told me about his plans for getting a tattoo done. He's 15 and I've already seen quite extensively tattooed people at this age in this school. Well, I gave the guy a few pieces of advise and said that maybe he should wait a bit loneger for his tattoo. He didn't look convinced. After seeing such things in school, though, and after a second thought I do really think that body piercing and tattoos shouldn't be banned.

A hostile attitude towards this kind of self-expression can only have an opposite effect on the students. Our main task as teachers is to help students and to teach them various subjects, so we should also support them in this kind of situation. I hate even to think about 14- or 15-ys-olds with such a permanent mod as a tattoo but I want to learn why they want to get it done and I also want to help them to make a right decision and to inform them about pros and cons of body mods. Banning body piercing doesn't work at all.Instead of banning and fighting against it, principals and teachers should learn more about body mods to be able to talk to their students and to help them if they'd need that.

Sorry for taking your time. I just wanted to share my opinion.

As for the school piercing thing, my advice is to fly under the radar. I managed to do this for years with multiple piercings, pink hair, and a rather wide selection of black clothing because my teachers utterly loved me. Administration will not bother you as much when they know you have a lot of teachers on your side. It's just easier for them to pretend you don't exist.

I was kicked out of school when I was 15 for wearing a labret stud (my only piercing) minus the ball so you could bearly see it, still I was thrown out with no support of my parents, completed home schooling to get 9 GCSE's off all A's and B's. I'm now 17 next week and just completed my first year course at college and gained an A level in Advanced ICT, I kept my labret when I was expelled and know it has 8 ear holes (2 streched), septum, nostril and monroe to keep it company! It's hard work being modded and respected at the same time (at least here in england), but we MUST prove that modded people have brains too :P Then we can shove it in ignorant peoples faces as and when we feel like it!!!

I too have just finished reading the latest article on who whole, "people being kicked out of school" thing. Being a student at a public australian school means we have a pretty strict dress code. A uniform. Boring bland uniform, we even have regulation socks... I'm also visibly pierced (8g septum, 10g ring labret) I've never, ever been even threatened with the "get kicked out of school if you don't take them out" thing. I'm also little confused that in the states where kids can wear casual clothes to school must have a dress code anyway. Its kinda silly if you ask me. So I wear a true uniform and remain visibly pierced..and noone has a problem with it.