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Since there’s some interest in them of late, I’ve re-uploaded all of the old BMEradio interviews to my server. You can also download them from iTunes, and I would encourage anyone to feel free to repost them anywhere they feel like or push them into “the cloud” wherever makes sense. I’m not protective of their copyright and would much rather that they be readily available as they are an important part of body modification history and I’d hate to see them forgotten.

Here they are in alphabetical order (not broadcast order). All interviews by me unless otherwise specified. I can’t believe these are twelve years old now!
Suspension father and piercer Allen Falkner, interviewed May 26, 2000.
Scarification artist and body modification artist Blair, interviewed March 31, 2000.
Salking Cat AKA Tiger AKA Dennis Avner, interviewd June 2, 2000.
David Vidra, piercing educator, interviewed July 28, 2000.
DJ Muggs, Hip Hop artist, interviewed by Damien of (not sure of airdate, sorry).
Dr. Robert Stubbs, cosmetic plastic surgeon, interviewed August 4, 2000.
Erik Sprague AKA The Lizardman, Freak and performance artist, interviewed May 5, 2000.
Fakir Musafar, who doesn’t need an introduction I think, interviewed June 9, 2000.
Gary Winter, tattoo artist, interviewed by Damien of on April 21, 2000.
Jon Cobb, piercing pioneer, interviewed May 19, 2000.
Keith Alexander (RIP), piercing artist and musician and technologist, interviwed April 28, 2000.
Kurt Wiscombe, tattoo artist, interviewed by Damien of on April 7, 2000.
Luis Garcia, piercing artist, interviewed August 11, 2000.
Marcel AKA Nullo1, penectomized eunuch, interviewed May 12, 2000.
Mark Pantalone, piercer and body modification artist, interviewed July 21, 2000.
Paul Booth, tattoo artist, interviewed by Damien of on March 24, 2000. This was our first broadcast and there were some audio quality problems.
Steve Haworth, body modification pioneer and innovator, interviewed July 7, 2000.
The Sands, body modification enthusiasts and married (at the time) couple, interviwed September 28, 2000.
Tim Cridland AKA Zamora AKA The Torture King, performance artist, interviwed January 9, 2001.
Todd Bertrang, sexual extremist and body modification artist, interviewed July 14, 2000.
Tom Brazda, piercing pioneer and procedure/jewelry innovator, interviewed April 14, 2000.


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    good times when you run the bmezine…
    you are the man, shannon!
    hugs from brazil.

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  2. JuuL wrote:

    You seem to have misplaced a ” in the link to the DJMuggs.mp3 what makes it invisible and the DrStubbs.mp3 has spaces instead of slashes in its path. DJ Muggs, Hip Hop artist, interviewed by Damien of (not sure of airdate, sorry).

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  3. YES

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