Mexico Trip (Mayan Riviera) Pictures 2/3: Cenote Swim

On the way back from Coba (see the previous entry) we stopped at an amazing cenote. A cenote is a sinkhole or natural cave full of water. The one we went to was accessed by a spiral staircase that took us — and I’m guessing — four or five stories underground where we found a large cavern going nearly up to the surface (with only a small hole for light), and then a dock extending into its centre. The water was fresh with small fish, and went down to a depth of about fifty feet in places, so it was quite eerie to be honest. Definitely part of me expected some prehistoric leviathan to come surging out of the depths to swallow me. It was quite serene though — certainly more serene than frightening — and we stayed down there until everyone else had left and the tour guide eventually came down to retrieve us so we could head on to our last stop, one of the few remaining “authentic” Mayan villages like the one he grew up in, where we watched them preparing traditional food (grinding cornmeal and baking tortillas with it) and some entertainment by their numerous and very cute kids.

Again, some more pictures of the cenote after the break.

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