Fondling little girls: Ok for the TSA

My seven year old daughter is going to be flying to the USA to visit her mother for Thanksgiving soon, and I’m really worried about what she’s potentially going to be facing with the TSA. I’ve been reading and hearing more and more about their new “enhanced pat downs” in which TSA agents, not even limited to same gender, are permitted to do extended fondling of genitals and breasts. Full on grabbing and groping and rubbing and stroking and squeezing and detailed manual examination of genitals. Not some back of the hand frisking, but actually grabbing hold of the vulva (or penis and scrotum) and “checking it out” in detail, plus breast exams that involve squeezing and twisting (enough to be described as “painful”) to make sure the person doesn’t have explosive implants (I kid you not — it’s this ridiculous).

Alternately, naked photos are taken of the person, including explicit child-pornographic images of little boys and girls. Little girls being genitally fondled or nude photographed by adult men. How is this OK? How is this stopping terrorism? How is this protecting freedom? I have no doubt that cavity searches will be added very soon, because they’re the next “logical” step. Oh, and it should come with minimal surprise that most of the abuse is being done to children and attractive women, because that’s what it is — abuse. It’s not even security theatre any more. It’s purely abuse, the government showing you who is boss.

It’s beyond sickening. This video above, which I hope you’ll watch and perhaps pass it or one of its many twins on, gets particularly gross about half way through. If you don’t want to trust Alex Jones (the hard to listen to part of this video isn’t him, but one of his employees describing her TSA encounter along with her eight year old and 20 month old — who they also did this sexual assault to) then I’m sure you can follow the bread crumbs of related videos and spend the next hour being sick to your stomach. There is an endless stream of both news reports and individuals sharing their traumatizing government rape stories. What a sad and disturbing fall from grace America is continuing to experience.


  1. MissJanet wrote:

    Oh my. 10 years ago, I dreamed of travelling to the USA again. Nowadays – I just wouldn’t want to. A whole country basically on stand-by while they lose their human rights, freedom and decency. In part, USA today reminds me of the atmosphere that nourished the NSDAP rising in Germany.

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  2. DON wrote:

    “Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” (Euripides: 431 BC)

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  3. emily wrote:


    at the beginning of this year i was visiting my sister and i had a flight from Baltimore to Chicago to Seattle… In Chicago i was selected to undergo a full body scan.. which i agreed to do.. i felt embarrassed but i complied as i have had a little trouble with american security in the past and i couldn’t imagine the line of questioning that would come if i opted out… it never occurred to me the pat down or full body check i might have to go through….

    now i am back visiting my sister in the states.. and i have to fly from JFK to Sydney tomorrow with a stop over in LA… i feel sick.. and was almost in tears thinking about what i might endure…

    if flying isn’t bad enough.. and qantas planes falling apart….. now we get to be humiliated in the process of an INTIMIDATING “security” check…

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  4. Ryan wrote:

    woah, i knew things were getting bad, but full on frontal hand groping and fondling is just awful.

    well, its just one more way the american government has fond to rape its citizens and everyone that drops in for a visit.

    you and ari’s mom should walk her through the whole way, hell, if i were you and all the variables were controlled id take the trip there with her and see that her mom gets her without any unnecessary touching and scanning happening to her at all.
    if they refused my denying them the fondling experience for my daughter id tell them to f*ck off and id proceed to taking bus or car or dogsled, whatever other means available to avoid that abuse.

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  5. starbadger wrote:

    you need more data
    “peddling peril”
    one degree of separation

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  6. starbadger wrote:

    it’s all on the web
    do you buy the book (amazon) or read it online (if you go to amazon – there is a shot of the cover page – search on “Bavarian” -

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  7. starbadger wrote:

    you don’t hae to drink the

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  8. Warren wrote:

    I’ve been yearning to head back to California to visit friends. However with all this happening nowadays, I have no desire to head to the States. Actually based on what I’ve been hearing from Europe and the desire to go far right wing,etc. I have no desire to travel anywhere nowadays.

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  9. Mark wrote:

    Boycott Flying! Please join us:

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  10. Elizabeth wrote:

    What a sad and disturbing fall from grace America is continuing to experience.

    That pretty much sums it up. Speaking of Alex Jones, you dont even want to know what he has to say about what was done to the Gulf states. Or wait, I guess that would be Gulf area Sectors but that’s a seperate rabbit hole entirely. Maybe you and her Mother could figure a better way than the T.S.A. . Surely!

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  11. peteD3 wrote:

    K8 & i just got back from SanDiego and experienced none of this.
    but i was waiting for some pieces of shit to push thier agenda even further into sexual abuse
    but KIDS?!?
    that is plain DISGUSTING! all Americans should be up in arms over this. and any TSA agent who follows this protocol should be beaten. no ‘im just doing my job’. im willing to see this worked out in time regarding ADULTS. but not 1 child should ever be touched this way!! no excuses

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  12. peteD3 wrote:

    any leads on how to follow up?
    is there a complaint # for the TSA?!?
    guess ill start calling my reps

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  13. Patriot wrote:

    This is totally outrageous. Watch, the terrorists will attempt a body cavity bomb or an implant bomb and TSA will move to require everyone get an internal x-ray or submit to full body cavity searches.

    TSA’s actions are those of a dictorial national socialist state. And they’ll want to place these same “security measures” into place at any event that draws a lot of people.

    We need to contact our Senators and Reps and get the Homeland Security Act repealed or heavily restrict what TSA and HSA can do to citizens. HSA doens’t even go to these lengths at border checks or go after illegal immigrant criminals with such zeal.

    I would rather die in a rare, unlikely terrorist attack then subject my private life and body to microscopic view by the feds, state, or local officials.

    I challenge Obama to put his own two daughters and Michelle through this process and choose to opt out of the scanners. If he and other politicians will not submit to the same scrutiny as the average citizen, then it is his duty to issue an executive order banning the process.

    I got a feeling Obama will not do this. He and Federal officials believe they are above the law and the citizens. It’s time to boot them out of office and sue the crap out of the government. Our security measures are surpassing those employed by the Third Riech and the tactics of the Gestapo.

    Welcome to the utopian world warned of in “A Brave New Word”, “Logan’s Run”, “Solient Green”, “V for Vendetta”, and “1984″. We can either push back and resist this fate in the courts and the ballet boxes or become zombies waiting for the government to give us daily instructions on how to live in slavery.

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  14. Jill wrote:

    I found this today and i thought you would like to see this.

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  15. Shannon wrote:

    Yup, Jill… They are liars are have no respect for the rule of law.

    It’s also important to note that those are very old scans using outdated equipment. This video is slightly more current (note the ability to zoom in) technology, although still not as good AFAIK as what’s currently in use:

    The degree to which they are attempting to hide the actual scans is quite telling.

    As a PS, gotta love this story, and it gives a peek into the TSA’s genital-obsessed mindset:

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  16. peteD3 wrote:

    did you see this one?

    so we should expect to be framed in the security process!!

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  17. Heathre wrote:

    That’s definitely not cool. It’s frustrating that they are using “what’s best for us” as opposed to what really is best for us. Gavin De Becker makes it clear what would and wouldn’t truly work.

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  18. Patriot wrote:

    Stories like this worry me. Tyrants can take over a little at a time, just gradually encroaching on our right for “our own good.”

    Hitler convinced millions of Germans that gassing the disabled and insane was for the greater good, to eliminate the “drag” on their resources.

    The Nazi’s convinced Germans the Gestapo was for the good of Germany and many Germans turned in their neighbors for being critical of the Nazi’s.

    They also convinced Germans that curfews were for thier “protection”, even before the Allies started bombing Germany.

    The Nazi’s demonized and blamed the Jews for Germany’s failing economy. First, curfews were put in place. Then, after Krystal Nacht, Jews had to wear identifying arm bands. Then the Jews were moved into the Ghetto. Finally, the Jews were put into concentraction camps and over 6 million killed.

    Curfew for adults has been tried and probably will e tried again for “our protection.”

    The Obama Administration created for Americans to turn in anyone that may have “misinformation” about Obamacare.

    Massachusetts passed a law for police to force entry into people’s homes to vacinate them against their will or face charges without due process or probable cause, if they were suspected of being an H1N1 carrier:

    FDA just recently banned caffienated alcoholic drinks. I haven’t read it yet, but instead of States or Congess passing a law, the unelected FDA officials put it in place. The law is in response to a party where young adults got sick from drinking a lot of Four Loco. Will this apply to any alcoholic beverage with caffiene? No more rum and cokes? Will the bars or ourselves in our homes be breaking federal law by mixing a rum and coke? Oh, that’s right, it’s for “our protection.”

    LA County, CA banned fast food joints from opening any new businesses in low-income neighborhoods because the County government thinks that poor people are too fat.

    Many proposals have not became law but intend to control us or businesses: San Fransico attempted to ban toys from Happy Meals. Louisiana atttempted to ban anyone appearing to e overweight from going to any restaraunt or the business would be fined.

    Unfortunately, We the People have been too trusting and quit watching the government. Now, more than ever, we must be vigilant and put pressure on our politicians to cease the micromanagement of daily life. We have to shine the light on the federal, state, and local governments.

    Good news: The Supreme Court decisions on the DC and Chicago gun bands have re-affirmed the right to bear arms as an individual right.

    The Bad News: The gun ban laws increased crime rates in both cities many times higher than the national average. People couldn’t defend themselves and the police can’t protect everyone.

    This is where vigilence comes into play. We have to do what we can to stop these laws before they damage our communities, neighborhoods, or our country.

    Obamacare and the hemmorage spending is going to catch up with us. Most of the big bills were not read before signed into law. I’ve been hearing from multiple sources that clothing prices are going to go up about 30% by spring as well as increases in food and gas prices. Super-inflation is coming and our unemployment is high. Don’t panic. Just prepare, don’t waste money. Buy extra clothing, buy extra food, pay down your debts, and get rid of stuff you don’t need. And watch out for the government trying to increase its power in reaction to a crisis it caused.

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  19. Patriot wrote:

    Here’s a disturbing video on how our “compassionate” government cares about us:
    An important note on use of force. Batons are only to be used on large muscles and soft tissue areas such as the abdomen. The officer struck the soldier in the head and ribcage hard enough to fracture bones. This is excessive use of force as the strikes can cripple or kill.

    Who’s the bigger threat?

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  20. Skylar wrote:

    Daily our rights are ripped from us which translates to the next generation. I dont blame Nef for being scared! I admit it… I won’t fly until things change. This is abuse, pure and simple.

    The most imposing BS that Americans better stand against is the food safety modernization act:

    It would criminalize seed saving, giving the U.S. government the power to arrest any backyard food producer as a felon under the authority of the Department of Homeland Security. Yep, the very same people running the TSA and its naked body scanner/passenger groping programs.

    I will be calling my state’s senator tomorrow to throw an all out FIT! Americans better wake up… its getting ugly in here!

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