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The last time I was at the Vancouver aquarium was over thirty years ago. I’m not sure if I remember it — I’m pretty sure I don’t. Anyway, Caitlin and I went there on the second day of our trip — the first full day really. There’s a lot of similarity to the amazing Monterrey Aquarium, that I was at a few years ago when I was visiting my friend Barry at his amazing mountain hide-away and have lots of fond memories of. We began by exploring their anemones and beautifully “landscaped” aquariums, with tons of tentacles, and then on to toads and other creatures… I enjoyed all of this immensely, even with how crowded it was. Top marks. At the end of the visit we went outside, where they had dolphins and beluga whales, which I have very mixed feelings about… I don’t like the idea of imprisoning mammals that are intended for a life in the wild open sea in such small prisons, although I do understand there may be rescue-oriented mitigating circumstances (I hope so anyway).

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  1. j_sun wrote:

    I have been to the aquarium on many occasions, and I know the dolphins for sure were rescues. The beluga whales, I believe were as well, or perhaps have since become captive bread examples since they’ve been there so long… but don’t quote me on that.

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