Major End-of-Year ZenCASH update

I’ve made a ton of improvements to ZenCASH, including, most importantly, the ability to search and, as well as and There are also lots of minor updates (audio prompts, keyboard shortcuts, pop-up menus) and cosmetic and interface improvements as well. Assuming no major bugs have crept in, I’m quite happy with the current state of the program and feel like it’s becoming quite a mature application. Here’s the full list of changes in this version:

  • Optional audio prompts added on search/scan complete, and on selected fail messages.
  • Full support of searching and has been added.
  • City/section selector page now handles anywhere between 1 and 4 sites.
  • Added a pair of labels next to the “clear all” buttons that indicates what site the treeview that the mouse is over is for.
  • Clear All / Select All buttons now collapse/expand treeviews as makes sense, and handle the personals section in Backpage correctly
  • Internal search load/save file format (.zen files) have been updated to be more adapable and easy to update in the future (old format was difficult to keep backward compatible).
  • Embedded proper Microsoft-approved version code and file info via resource file.
  • If program is being run for the first time, it offers to properly install it, and then creates and shells embedded install tool.
  • Optimized internal string handling for speed.
  • When searching Daype, it can be done sitewise via RSS, or normally on a per-section basis via their HTML interface.
  • When resizing the dialog, if you come within 150 pixels on each dimension, it will automatically maximize.
  • Minimize and maximize buttons added and enabled, and context-help button has been moved down slightly (to accommodate Windows “rules”).
  • If software settings changes are cancelled by leaving the tab, a message box informs the user.
  • About page now displays lifetime bytes downloaded, searches performed, and search results found (as of this version of course; not retroactive).
  • Program now keeps track of recent searches, and if you right click on the “load” button, it offers them up on a “quick-load” pop-up menu.
  • Progress bar along bottom has been replaced with a status bar (which includes a progress bar and other information.
  • Statusbar displays the file URL being downloaded in its left info pane.
  • Added “NEW” search button which is basically just the clear button combined with entering a new name.
  • Deep scans of Daype extract the correct date from the entry (otherwise the search uses today’s date for Daype results).
  • Added abort search button to the diagnostics page for convenience.
  • Total time spent searching and total running time of program are now recorded (and display in the “About” dialog).
  • Double clicking on the results list on blank lines no longer tries to view anything.
  • Redrew the diagnostic icons to be less garish and match the look of the “help” icon/button.
  • Added a few keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+L = Load, Ctrl+S = Save, Ctrl+N = New, Ctrl+G = Go! (and Ctrl+Enter), Ctrl+H = Help, Ctrl+D = Diagnostics Tab, “ESC” keyboard shortcut to close most dialogs.
  • Added a pretty radar scope ZenCASH icon animation on the About dialog.
  • Added an “author photo” easter egg if you click my name in the About dialog, or press the letter ‘S’.
  • Fixed bug where “New Search” dialog was not properly modal.
  • If dialog is tall enough and there is room for them, the scan URLs become simultaneously visible rather than simply selectable.

As always, has the download link and online help.


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Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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