Does salting really work?

Nefarious and I played chess with rockets today (the sugar candy that’s called “smarties”, I think, in the US), with each piece’s value representing how many rockets you get to take from the “bank” when you capture the piece… I figure it’s a good way to teach her about weighting, not that she doesn’t have a solid grasp on chess. Usually I win of course, but today she beat me fair and square, and then we did another hour of reading on The Emerald City of Oz during which Nefarious ate nine oranges, and would have continued was it not getting too late.

I started to work on a new painting — first one in a long time — based on an old French illustration of women salting their husbands in order to enhance their libidos. Here’s a sketch… Other than that, tomorrow is a rushed day, because first thing I have to get a bunch more bloodwork done (the third time in recent days that I’ve had to do so) since the last results contained something that requires follow up that they could not tell me about on the phone… hmm… then I rush to the school for a “tea party”, and then I need to take my new engine in because I can’t get it started (GRRRRRRR!). I did however rebuild the back of the boat to support its weight a little more securely.



  1. p7tms wrote:

    Hi Shannon!!

    I do not know if you had the chance a while ago to watch a pilot show that Bre Pettis did called History Hacker (I finally had the opportunity to see it – even though it might have been on TV the end of 08) – I was pleasantly surprised with their choice to show someone that is a research scientist from MIT — and he’s got some facial piercings — outer nose piercings, large lobes,eyebrow, labrets, and a bridge piercing too. I figured I’d pass that along — it’s cool to see mods in a nice light.

    Catch ya later


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  2. jonny wrote:


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  3. p7tms wrote:

    Hi Shannon!

    This weekend I was at a party and this old woman starts asking questions about my stretched lobes.
    “Are those holes in your ears?” Yes
    “And you don’t see that as a problem?” No

    (and here is the kicker)
    “What will you tell your grandkids?”
    Without hesitation, I came up with something similar to what you might say.
    My response:
    I’ll tell them not to swing on my lobes
    and everyone around smiled, and that old woman had nothing else to say :)

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Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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