Sad Day, Pretty Flowers

Today I have to pack up Nefarious's clothes and various favorite toys because she leaves for California tomorrow. It seemed so far away, and now the sad time has come. I've been trying to start the task all morning but it's really hard. I feel really crabby about it and really unproductive even though it's really not a difficult packing job on a technical level — just emotionally. It's really a crappy situation all around, for everyone, I think, but I hope we're making the best of it.

PS. Come cheer me up…

I went out for a walk and took pictures of flowers on the railroad tracks. It's small consolation, but I really do love walking the tracks and hanging out there, especially in the summer because it's so green (makes me look forward to the day the plants take over this planet again), and I suppose now I'll be able to do it whenever I want to (and it'll make going out at night to do “art installations” easier).

There are a lot of butterflies around right now. Not that they're easy to get a picture of. When I get my big camera back maybe I will post some nicer photos.

In theory my truck is finally repaired tomorrow (it would have been done last week but for some reason the mechanic got it in his head that I didn't want it repaired right now and stopped working on it), which is good because I really need to pull the engine out of the Porsche and make sure it's alright before I put any more miles on it. The only thing that sucks is it seems my parking permit has been “lost in transit” somewhere and so I may have to go down to City Hall and get that dealt with again. I hate wasted time.

I really want to paint but I don't have the energy today and I think I'd wreck whatever I worked on. Nefarious drew me some butterflies and a long bird and a short bird which both seem to have inherited feelers from the butterflies…

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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