So, can I play Murderball?

So I go in for my ultrasound and all they can see on the screen is a large, hard mass. Whatever it is, the ultrasound is just bouncing off the outside and can't image what it is, or exactly how big it is because it blocks the waves from penetrating. So they decide to send me over to radiology for an x-ray to get a bit more internal and external detail.

While I was in the waiting room a Korean woman was freaking out, threatening to “report them”, and generally throwing a tantrum… I guess they'd let someone go in front of her that she thought was behind her in line. She turns to me and say, “they only let her go first because she's white.”

This was sort of an odd accusation because the woman who'd made the scheduling decision was Chinese. For all I know, Chinese racists hate Koreans, but most Chinese racists I've met have a far bigger problem with whites and blacks than they do with Koreans. In any case, I pointed out to her that the people she was accusing of being too pro-white were not white themselves.

Then she noticed I was white, laughed about what she'd said to me, and the situation seemed to diffuse a little. Anyway, so I got a bunch of x-rays of my right knee to try and ascertain what this growth on my tendon is. They gave me a CD of them so I can post a couple of them here.

I guess it's pretty much bonelike in density, and it's as large as my kneecap. It's a little sore right now from being manipulated and ultrasounded. I guess that I'll probably get referred to some sort of specialist next. I don't know whether they'll have to do a minor operation or if this is something that can be handled non-surgically. I figure it's been there since I was a kid (although I don't know if it's slowly grown in size, or if it's been like that since the start), so I'm not really too stressed about it.
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