Where the sky burns

So my current fantasy “where I'd like to live” location has moved a little further [true] north [strong and free] up to James Bay (the nub off the bottom of Hudson's Bay), maybe a little town like Moosonee — there's something very romantic about a city that can only be reached via land by train I think. The picture below is linked to the flikr stream I took it from which contains lots more nice pictures of the area.

And I do like the cold, but I also love a fire… and I haven't had an excuse to light a fire for the purposes of keeping me warm for a very long time. Outside of the obvious — clean air, fresh water, and vonu serenity — I just love the northern lights. Being this far south, I'm lucky if I see them once a decade. The last time I saw them was late 2001, here in Toronto amazingly, and in full colour as well.

I think I'm most split on the “where to move” decision as a parent (and as a single parent, because neither Rachel or I want to make a decision that's going to make life a pain-in-the-ass for the other one), because there are so many strong arguments for both rural and urban upbringing… There are massive benefits to each, and with each come losses as well, and because my own upbringing is almost entirely rural, it's hard for me to relate to all the options.
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