People pay to be ignorant these days.

One of the things that really freaks me out when I'm watching American news television is how different it is than news pretty much anywhere else in the world. Not only is the style radically different, but the content and what's focussed on is also radically different, and the facts presented are just bizarre when you put them in context of the international picture and all the information. For example (via), here's four covers from Newsweek's different editions:

Latin American Edition

Asian Edition

European Edition

USA Edition

Although I think the thing that makes me angriest is the current trend in the US media to oppose Bush — these are reporters who spent six years radically supporting him and pushing his agenda, and ultimately being one of the main forces empowering the problems in the world today. By flipping now, all they're doing is ensuring they can support the next false government, rather than being a real voice of truth, reason, or even come close to the media's purest cause — rebellion. In some ways, I think their heads ought to be the first to roll for their betrayal of the American public and their outright support of the slow coup that took America away from the people.

Hey, did you know that if you cover your eyes, I can still see you?

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