Another day, another needle

First, my finger is doing pretty well so far using Tom's advanced healing methods. Right now I'm on Neem pills, Simple Care (a Neem aftercare product), Vitamin C, and Yunnan Paiyo (used to treat battlefield injuries by the Viet Cong I believe). It's pretty wild — I'm not much more than twenty-four hours in, and the swelling is already down a lot, and it seems to be healing quite well, to the extent one can be aware at this early stage.

From left to right that's a shot of my finger this evening, the meds, and the diagrams I used to explain what happened to my finger to Nefarious so she would understand and not freak out about it.
Conspiracy time:
Many of the herbs that can be used medically can be traced back to the Vedics (7,000 BC). Vedic poems describe what appears to be genetic engineering, nuclear power, and a great deal of advanced knowledge (and thus these poems are often described as the earliest examples of “science fiction”). Anyway, the herbs producing these medicinal effects use a significant percentage of their energy producing these drugs for us. Ask yourself this: what if it's not slow evolution, but what if it's an early example of GM crops? What if the Vedics actually bred these plants to produce these chemicals… I mean, we're doing it now, so if our society died out, the planet would have these odd little life forms because of us…

OK, I don't really believe that but it would make a good story.

Other than that, if you didn't see Anna and Cutthroat on Wife Swap, be sure to get your hands on a copy. I thought Anna especially came off incredibly well (a lot better than in MODIFY, although I think Cutthroat is hilarious and highly quotable in that).

I also did a hard confirm on the BMEfest afterparty space this evening, and went shopping with Phil for soaps and such… So I now have lots of nice bubble bath stuff and beeswax candles and all that. I visited my friend Leila as well — she showed me the jacuzzi tub she had installed a couple years ago and has never used! I was mortified! I love baths!

Well, I'm going to watch Survivor now…. I hear today is the merge.

PS. ModBlog got updated of course.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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