Still in La Paz?

If you're still in La Paz and looking for something to do here for the next day or two, consider dropping an IM to Jon (1101001) who can hook you up with some amazing fishing… You may know him from the Fishing Fury site already. He went out today; here are a couple pictures of the result:

If you want to go fishing, message him now so there's enough time to get it all set up!!!

Other than that, if you came and had fun, be sure to thank Rachel who single-handedly made this event happen. She doesn't like taking credit for the work that she does and is happy to watch people thanking me for the great time, but honestly, it's literally all her.

Anyway, I'm going to go have dinner now (at La Pazta) and then maybe play with Rhino a little more. I was drawing cars for practise but I want to use it to design the hulls for my boat.
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