Lies, lies truth, and more lies

First a letter to the editor that came in this New Years's eve morning. It's sad to me that people don't understand that body modification isn't something deviant and dark — that it's something positive and life affirming that's helping people and saving lives.

From: Lisa Kay
Subject: non support

I saw your site on the web

I find you and yours deplorable and disgusting.

Why push the bod mod?

Kids today have it hard enough trying to get a part time job at a movie theatre.

I wish that you wouldnt push this at the kids. Thats where you make your money. I understand that. Its sad.


Like I said, it's just really sad, because I'm sure “Lisa Kay/Tasler” really believes what she's writing, and really feels that by taking away the right of ownership of ones body one is somehow helping young people. I wish there was some way to express to these people that their attitudes are causing pain and suffering, and that it's they that are the sick freaks behaving unaturally. I point out again that the oldest and purest form of human expression and introspection is body modification and body rites. Anyone who doesn't live under that credo is by definition deviant.

   …and some people have aspirations in life other than working at a movie theatre.

Anyway, I was reading FOXnews's “10 good things that happened this year” article and thought I should make a few comments.

FOX Claim: “Americas kids are all right. Juvenile violent crime has fallen every year — and nearly halved — since 1995″

Comment: Well, first of all, let's look at the math. Let's imagine that a million crimes were committed by youths in 1995. Now let's divide it in half every year and see what we end up with for 2004 when we follow that geometric progression:
      1996: 500,000
      1997: 250,000
      1998: 125,000
      1999: 62,500
      2000: 31,250
      2001: 15,625
      2002: 7,813
      2003: 3,906
      2004: 1,953
So for some reason I doubt the math genies over at FOX. Want to know why juvi crime is down? It's down because more juveniles are being tried as adults. It's a fucking word game. The problem is getting worse — it just has a new name.

Note: It has been pointed out to me that the problem may be that I'm no reading genie (and it's halved in a decade, not every year). Nonetheless the reason for the reduction is still the shift in prosecution styles.

Aww, screw it. Every claim they make is ridiculous and a full-on lie. “The world is safer” and “America is the cleanest country in the world” and so on? Give me a break. Do people really believe this junk? Gotta love doublethink. Do people really believe that dropping out of environmental treaties, rolling back pollution laws, and so on results in a cleaner environment?

You want freedom? I'm loving Spain who just approved gay marriage. Good for them. There are three deciding factors that make a nation free (not in and of themselves, but because they are “indicators”):

  • Recognition and legal protection of gay marriage and other lifestyles
  • Complete legal expression including all forms of adult pornography
  • Legalization or decriminalization of marijuana and other soft drugs

Why those things? Because those are the three essential core freedoms that you need in order to have a society that respects a person's right to do anything they want as long as they're not hurting anyone else. If you have them, everything else falls into place. A nation that doesn't have those is not entirely free… and freedom is absolute. You're either free or you're not. You're either alive or you're not.

I was looking at satellite photos from beaches in Indonesia; here is an animation I made of a before and after shot of one of the regions that got hit the hardest:

My attitudes on charity are no secret, but if you do want to help out, here are two groups that I strongly recommend: Doctors Without Borders and Telecoms Without Borders (some of you may also want to volunteer for the latter, although you'll see some screwed up EHM stuff along the way probably).
Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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