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I've got to admit that I always like returning to Toronto, feeling the cold breeze from the lake, seeing the CN tower and the wind generator. But I'm going to miss Argentina, it was so nice to be there, and I can't wait to go back. Huge thank you to la negra and Javier who were both wonderful hosts and put on a great world class convention. It was nice seeing old and new friends again, some of them for the first time in person. You forget how nice it is to see people in real life when you live online!

I've got to quickly get some errands attended to and then I'm taking the night off and getting to work in the morning, but here is my first conversation upon returning to Canada. It was with a Kenyan guy working in the baggage retrieval area. He's K and I'm S in this transcript. The conversation starts after he notices my ears, which I had no jewelry in, giving them a very “traditional” look.

K: Are you from Africa?

S: Ha, ha, no, I'm from Canada.

K: Oh, I thought you might be from Kenya.

As I was waiting for my luggage to arrive (which it never did, but that's another story related to emergency medical care which can be told another day), he ran over to talk to me.

K: The reason I was asking is because you have ears like the Maasai, so I thought maybe you grew up in Kenya.

S: No, I grew up on a farm out in the country here in Canada. But my parents had a book about the Maasai and how they lived, and it showed picture of how they cut their ears. It moved something in me, and I cut my ears as well.

K: It looks good, have you been to Africa?

S: I'm trying to convince my wife to move there actually!

K: Where? To Kenya?

S: No, Namibia.

K: Oh, Namibia is very nice! You would like it there, good country.

Anyway, off to Patagonia first. The dates are the 10th until the 12th of January. I'll post more info with the full Argentina report for those who might be interested. It will affect your life profoudly and positively.

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