Amputation story

Would this story be interesting to feature on BME? That is, do you want to see stories that are not really “about” voluntary body modification, but have enough cross-over that they're relevant and most likely quite interesting as well?

SUBJECT: Amputation, (Accidental)

I saw a link for amputation, and i have a good picture, and maby a good story, I was doing construction work, using a miter-box saw. I was cutting a 45 degree angle out of a piece of crown molding. I am not sure what happened next, but some how my hand found its way under the saw blade. I looked down, realizing that the lower part of my hand was on the floor. Pervious EMT training told me to put my hand in a cold area, so I picked up my hand, and put it in a micro fridge. Using a shop towel, I tried to stop the bleeding.

After being flown to a Baltimore hospital after a 13 hour surgery my hand was replanted. This is where the pictures come from. The doctor took as picture before the operation. Any way its 2 years later and I am still missing a pinky finger, and I have 25% of mobility of my left hand.

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