The saga of Ms. Marker Tattoo continues

You thought it was over? Not even close:

>no, i mean that my password is
>saved into some cookie on my computer,

Yes, I'm aware of that, that's how I got your password.

>i think, so i dont have to enter
>one...i've had this email for ages,
>and im not sure that i remember my password.
>:/ can you tell me what
>LETTER my password and my user name
>starts with =D p-p-p-pleeeeeease?

You know I can't do that; let's see... If you'd like I can upload it to your website -- tell me the FTP location you'd like it in and the access info I'll need to put it there and I'll have one of the monkeys upload it this afternoon.

>and what made you choose (whatever
>my password is) for my password? is
>my tatoo a symbol for something or what? lol

Tattoo? I thought it was just a star you'd drawn on with marker -- sorry, I'll move it to the real tattoo section then. I'd filed it in the "future tattoos" category. My sincere apologies.

God Bless,

Frank O'Derby
Derpartment fo Spellybees

I wonder… Will she admit it now? Nope! Not yet!

>yeah, its real... :/ a friend
>of mine did it a while back.

Oh, now don't pull my leg. That's silly. Well, if it's real send a couple other photos of it from different angles so people can enjoy it in all its splendor!

>which website do you want FTP info for?

Doesn't matter to me, any one is fine.

God Bless,

Frank O'Derby
Columnist, Dear Franko

OK, now she can't really be dumb enough to actually give me the password to her website… or can she?

>haha, yeah i know, its not real.
>but i do have a real one in my
>ear...i sent some pics of my lip
>peircings with the one of my "to be
>tatoo" where its visible. If you want
>more pics of that one, just ask
>and i will send them...after i find
>my digicam. heh. that thing always
>seems to run off.

I have to strongly recommend that you not lie again; you have to realize that it's your eternal soul that you're putting at risk. I must strongly urge you to seek the assistance of a professional priest (but not a Voodoo priest; that will get you in even more hot water with our Lord Jesus H. Christ). If you can't find a priest, please at least spend some time with a Catholic school girl.

>heres the FTP info:
>host address:
>user ID:
>password: m****n
>yeah...upload whatever you're uploading
>into the directory "/bme"

As a CHRISTIAN SOLDIER I now have the moral duty to delete your site to teach you a lesson for breaking one of the ten commandments; though shalt not lie, remember. The only way you can avoid this happening is by emailing me 50 Hail Marys. And don't think you can just copy and paste them! I can tell the difference! GOD IS WATCHING YOU!!!! YOU MUST DO THIS WITHIN 666 MINUTES OR ELSE!

God bless, and I'm not kidding about the eternal flames of hell bit. I will be praying for you.

Frank O'Derby

Yes, the FTP worked perfectly and Franko had total access to everything. Some people have no sense… No sense at all… Well, I'm bored of this exchange now and it's starting to make me feel a little guilty (and I'm worried that if I continue it I'm going to get in real trouble)…

Why can't people just be honest for a change and not try and pull scams?

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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