I'm off do do another image update this morning; until then here's a quick news blurb…

Rumsfield's about to blow while the economy continues to crash. Bush announces that Iraq will be a “model of democracy” (model, as in a small copy that doesn't actually work and eventually gets thrown out — I mean, can one seriously expect the guy who helped destroy democracy in America to institute it in a nation that doesn't even understand its basic concepts?) under full US control… and that it will of course be run by a US citizen.

The experts on the other hand predict chaos and violence, and the Saudis have proposed an Islamic occupation which could convert Iraq into a terrorist nation that actually does pose a threat to US citizens.

The US has just surrendered to North Korea's demands, illustrating to the world that WMDs are the way to go, and Turkey has been given it's bribe in exchange for its support of the war. I expect that other nations will flip as well in exchange for US dollars… And the end result will be clear: extreme suffering for both the American and Iraqi people.

In the propaganda department, the Justice Department misclassified about half of its cases as “international terrorism” when they were not, and CBS has said that it will censor any musician that makes anti-war statements during the Grammys this year. One of the biggest scams the media plays is the “no one is anti-war: if you're anti-war, you're in it alone” game… When in fact the citizens of gaia are opposed to war — only the Reptilians are for this war, and they've been consuming our kind for eons.

And while money is getting poured into war, don't forget about the heroes that are getting screwed over.

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