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I justed added a “So you hate me” page (click here to see it) which I hope will address some of the complaints and issues that have been raised lately so people can go on with their lives with a minimum of hatred clouding their vision and their souls. I hope it helps…

Oh, and I just pushed Jason out of the ditch. He wanted to see just how fast he could back out of our icy driveway — of course he slid off the side and hit a tree… Makes his “Follow me to certain destruction” bumper sticker very fitting (Want one? The title of this diary is one of their latest stickers).

You've seen my comments below regarding the State of the Union address, now I'd like to mention a couple other people's feedback on it. MSN.Slate points out the obvious: the state of the union was never mentioned. It was just a bunch of shallow misdirections about the recent past, and then some giant empty promises about the future. The AP is carrying a story about how the speech was nothing but allegations without evidence.

The Green Party makes an even bolder statement:

Americans want security, not unending war. In its eagerness to invade Iraq, the political establishment has revealed its true purpose. Not security for Americans, but control over oil. Not peace in the Middle East, but military bases across the globe. Not rule of law, but violation of the Constitution. Bush is no reluctant warrior, he is a warmongering draft-dodger, and together with a weak and compliant Democratic Party in Congress, he is threatening American interests.

Along those lines, Ralph Nader adds,

The military economy drains the civilian economy and this trend has been accelerating ... The states and cities are reporting deeper deficits. This year, the states will be over $60 billion in the red. Taxes and tolls are going up. Necessities are being cut -- outlays ... for schools, libraries, fire and police departments, sanitation department, child welfare, health care and services for elderly people. But there are hundreds of billions for Soviet-era type weapons driven by the weapons corporations and their campaign cash for key members of Congress who decide the distortions of your tax dollars.

Patrick Buchanan accuses Bush of becoming an Imperialist:

Though Iraq does not threaten us, has not attacked us, cannot defeat us, and does not want war with us, the United States is about to invade and occupy that country. If we do, it will be the first purely imperial war in our history, a war launched to reshape the domestic politics and foreign policy of another nation to conform to our own.

Stormin' Norman, the 180 IQ “reluctant warrior” general that ran the first Gulf War says that it would be a mistake to lauch this war now, and that it was very important to wait until there is real evidence… He also made some carefully restrained comments about Rumsfield.

I think though that the most telling response is the US dollar continuing to crash… I also find it interesting that Comcast rejected any anti-war ads during the SOTU speech claiming they were “unsubstantiated claims” (I'm pretty sure the unsubstantiated part was during the non-commercial periods). Anyway, the part that really got me was that six thirty-second ads only cost $5000. That's a really good deal!

In some related stories, while Bush promised in his State of the Union speech that America would provide evidence before going to war (officials are already backing down on that claim), Senator Edward Kennedy says he will be introducing a resolution that will require Bush to present Congress with “convincing evidence of an imminent threat before we send troops to war with Iraq.” It doesn't seem unreasonable that if Americans are going to die for this “cause” that they at least know it's real.

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