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I'm at the point of integrating the full media galleries (support of most standard AVI formats, MPG video, MP3 and OGG audio files, and so on), but to do so I'm going to have to drop about a thousand dollars having an employee do it (it's very much outside of my experience, and I'm too swamped with other things to deal with it, and yes, PsyberCity does have employees other than me).

Anyway, there've been very few donations in the last four months or so, so I just wanted to make sure that people were interested in me doing the above (when it's just my work I don't mind doing it, but this is real money spent). I'm not asking for donations — I understand that a lot of people are tight right now — I just want to know if this is a feature that people would like. I know that a lot of digital cameras take MPG clips so it might be fun to be able to cleanly post them here.

Add this to the “Shannon shouldn't answer support mail late at night” file. An urgent request to add “a picture of a cheshire cat” had just come in:

From: Stevejs1@***
Subject: a picture of a cheshire cat

Please!!! Can I get a pic of a cheshire cat,
that maybe a little "mad".

People constantly ask that every stupid utterly unrelated thing to the subject matter gets added to the glossary (a few other recent requests include “animated four leaf clovers”, “kanji for serenity”, “genial tattoo”, “unicorn”, and “polyamory”). My reply:

Subject: Re: a picture of a cheshire cat

Here you go, I hope this helps.
Send me a photo if you get it tattooed on you!

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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