Nope! I'm posting this since I know there are a number of pilots on IAM who may find this story interesting. Plane-sized parachute systems are old news, especially to those interested in ultralights. Anyway, they recently documented the first recovery of a full sized civilian aircraft (like I said, this really took off first for ultralights). The parachute system even works from heights as low as 300 feet… When I finally get around to building a plane, I'll definitely be using such a system.

In five years I hope to have a small homemade plane and a bigger and better truck, both alcohol-still powered. I hope to have a completed home in a defendable location that can stand independent from communication and power grids, as well as from food and other production systems (on all those points: if needed; not always). I want to be a good/better shot with a bow*, and I want to have a pumpkin-launcher-type device that if need be can shoot an iron ball through an armored vehicle at a thousand feet.

Basically I want to have the option not just to be totally self-sufficient, but also to be totally able to defend my property using low-tech sustainable weaponry that doesn't need power and mass-manufactured ammunition and so on. Yeah, laugh it up — but my friends will thank me when the revolution comes. Don't tread on me.

* Bows and crossbows are unregulated. For me, going by-the-book (and I'd rather do things by-the-book since the last thing I need is going to jail for something stupid), it seems like the right option. Under repressive Canadian gun laws, if you apply for a gun permit, even just for a shotgun, you give the police permission to search your home for “verification” purposes. I am of course not willing to give such permission.

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