Time to figure out why the winch isn't working

Well duh, it helps if you plug it in

Yay! The winch works! I can save people now!

Next project: the emergency siren and PA system.

I'm heading down to Canadian Tire tomorrow to pick up a few pieces. I'm thinking about putting a CB in the truck if I can find a decent waterproof one at a fair price — part of the purpose of this truck now is to make sure that if there's, for example, a medical emergency, that no matter what there's a path to safety and help.

On other work news, I dug up my IAM to-do list from my old harddrive. Here's the current contents. As always, feel free to give suggestions for new features, either via IM or via the Whatever Forum.

  • Fix privacy statement link in FAQ
  • Allow archiving of outbox messages
  • Experience engine — allow high point reviewers to move experiences between sections.
  • Experience engine — get rid of warning required, but allow high-point reviewers to add them and other editorial comments.
  • Fix events engine so zoom in works for users not logged in (might already be done)
  • Add spellcheck/preview to forum posting
  • Add spellcheck/preview to IM system
  • Add preview button to diary update dialogs (ie. like spellcheck without the spellcheck)
  • Add an outbox icon to each user to show just messages sent to them
  • Add the IAM control words / special functions to the spellcheck dictionary
  • Plug petition engine into broadcaster
  • Fix spellchecker's handling of apostrophe-s
  • Add international support for the spellchecker
  • Spellcheck/update should keep all tickboxes, not just title, as should the “update number of iamges” option.
  • Upload multiple pictures at once to modtracker
  • Fix security issues with search functions and overviews modes
  • When you have multiple messages from one user, show all time stamps
  • Allow accounts to be locked to a specific IP range and/or ISP
  • Allow mixing UBB and HTML in posts
  • Allow you to turn off display of main window on page two onwards
  • Allow users to look at their own log files (logins, postings, etc.)
  • Bring back true non-archiving forums
  • Finish TOS panel archive
  • Ability to embed polls into diary entries
  • Reset button on layout
  • Do something a little better than xxxxxxx for deleted users
  • Add “URL=” to UBB and autoprocess standard URLs and email addresses
  • Rewrite UBB functions to be RegEx based
  • Add delete and/or ban on RSVP entries (events engine)
  • Allow email submission of diary entries
  • Add WAP output
  • Integrate MPEG and MP3 support, both in galleries, forums, diaries, and the IM system
  • Allow images to be sent via IM
  • Allow images to be included in forum posts
  • Edit names of sections in Mod-Tracker
  • Add ability to add comment forums later
  • Add check for tracker warning request to iam.code
  • Turn on custom layout
  • Some kind of top-forums or forums index
  • Public access forums and pseudo-accounts
  • Make it so (aborted) message doesn't happen when you visit a buddy's page
  • Experience engine: try and automatically stop double submissions
  • Experience engine: don't allow “profound” or “meaningful” in the title
  • Experience engine: add “multiplely submitted” to the deny options
  • Add public search form to experience engine for people who lost their experience (it could email it to them)
  • Experience engine should give warnings for common mispellings
  • Solidify fget/fset in iam.code
  • Undelete forum messages by the person who deleted it or admin
  • Add “more…” button to pages so people can quick-add to buddy list, etc.
  • Add complaints / TOS violation reporter to forum delete dialog and to IM viewer
  • If color is set to +, then make it transparent (allowing one to underlay backgrounds)
  • Finish mapping engine: make dynamic zooming, fix multi-name/area issues for international zones, etc.
  • Finish voice engine
  • Add (#) in IAM.alive when you have more than one message from that user — ie. glider (3) or something like that
  • Add nesting to iam.code (ie. {function {function}} etc.)
  • Allow page-blocking to include a person's buddy list as well, with specific user unblocking.
  • Add a (#) after comment forums in diary view mode

Hmmm… Maybe I shouldn't be asking for more things to do. But then again, everyone uses the system a little differently, so I very much appreciate the ideas… Yes, I definitely did the grunt work and kick started the design, but I absolutely think there's shared credit not just for this community but also for the software that it runs on.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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