Reboot! Reboot!

You know how when something unexpected happens on your computer and it gets all messed up and acts “wrong” until you reboot it? Well, I think it just happened to Leeta!

I had gone for a drive down the lane (along the edge of Rob's cornfields), and when I came back I was driving pretty fast because it's always fun when the tires are muddy. Because I'm running 44″ Boggers, it literally throws mud twenty feet or more into the air, plus there were some corn stalks on the front of the truck.

Anyway, Leeta was taking a crap in the middle of the driveway (thanks a lot) and when she saw me coming, she stopped, and instead of moving out of the way, she went into a spin — sort of like how some dogs do when they're chasing their tails… Or maybe like Homer Simpson when he walks/lies on the floor in a circle saying “woo woo woo woo”? Anyway, she didn't stop.

She literally kept doing it the whole time I was parking the truck and didn't stop until I came over and petted her and told her “it's ok”. Then she ran into the house and is now hiding in her crate (her safe zone)… I know I shouldn't think it was funny, but now I know what she does when totally unexpected input is thrown her way.

PS. Check out this hilarious picture on Midian2000's page…

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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