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So I'm getting the truck all ready for winter since the snow is starting to come down. I took it for some hard rides over the fields — the truck seems OK but my ass sure got quite the pounding. For some reason it doesn't want to shift in 4L, but with some fiddling (OK, I just forgot to lock the front hubs) it's shifting into 4H fine. Three of the front lights (the offroad ones; the others work fine) aren't firing up so I'll have to see if they're getting power or not. I haven't tried the winch yet, but I found the remote for it so I'll check it tomorrow morning, and I also have to pick up a hook for it (dunno where mine went, it's just a coil loop right now)… Let's see… I have a top waiting for me in Toronto so I'll pick that up next week, and then I'd say it's winter ready.

In any case, driving it in the fields was fun… Went over some four foot (at least) gulleys without any problem at all, drove through a swamp, and so on… I wanted to drive through the corn fields (as in through the middle) but apparently they're still going to be harvested as silage. There's a bit of a squeak in the steering now, but I think it's nothing. I always think I'm going to wreck the truck any time I take it over anything, but it's pretty solidly built. Worst case I wreck a bearing…


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