Bad news — can you help?

Many of you know Sean Philips (iam:LexTalonis), both as a practitioner and as a friend. He's a great guy and has regularly put himself out financially and otherwise in order to help this community, and now perhaps the situation is reversed. This weekend his body modification studio in College Park, Maryland burned to the ground. Everything was lost — all of his supplies, inventory, even his portfolios. I'd like to quote from Dr.Scorpio's page:

"Sean is one of my closest Friends, and the only person locally I trust to shove hooks, needles, scalpels, etc. in me. What Im asking here is to help a brother out. Even with his burnt out shop and no fucking money, he spent half his weekend working on a suspension tower for the local modified community. I'm planning on trying to bankroll the completion of the tower and Im asking YOU to help him buy some supplies so he can get back on his feet."

So… If you can toss just a little in his hat via PayPal that is appreciated, but there's a lot of other ways you can help out too — if you were pierced by Sean, please please take a nice photo (film if you can) of your piercing and send it his way so he can rebuild his portfolio. If you know a shop in the area that might be able to offer a guest spot, let him know. Sean isn't one to ask for handouts, and he's actually taken down the PayPal link on his page, but I hope he doesn't mind when I reveal that his PayPal address is

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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