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We just got the latest real estate catalog in the mail, so I wanted to share with you a few properties near us. All of these are aggressively priced, and within a half hour of our property. I've listed approximate US prices below them, and some details. If you want the full picture, I highly recommend

All of the below properties should be zoned for building:

106 acres, $7900 US
Creek running through, all-season road access, power and telephone access, rolling terrain, tons of wildlife. Lot was logged a few years ago, but 100 feet of forest borders have been left.

50 acres, $4400 US
Level and dry lot, with a brook passing through one end. Has power and telephone line access. Nextdoor lot holds an annual Bluegrass festival. Lot was timbered, but many small spruce and poplar have grown in.

50 acres, $5000 US
Level and dry land surrounded by crown forest reserves. Sandy soil with plenty of moose, deer, and other big game.

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