5 AM, not bad…

Well, the new year's update is there… I definitely bit off more than I should have time-wise, but as James Tiberous Kirk always told me, “fortune favors the foolish.” Please don't complain about its inconsistencies too much, I've still got a lot to do on it. If you want to complain about how I've wrecked the site and all that stuff (it happens every time I change anything), at least wait two weeks so I can finish the changes.

I'm beginning to think maybe I did more damage than I'd thought to my knee. I banged it and cut it up, but there's not much actual pain in the skin that I wrecked. There is however increasing stiffness and a dull pain underneath the kneecap (ie. deep inside). I assume that the force of the impact may have driven the kneecap into whatever lies underneath… it was I think 12 hours ago now that I did it, and it's slowly getting worse. Hopefully it's fine in the morning.

Some Irish Paper wrote an article (fairly negative) on body piercing risks, and at the end of the article it gave BME's URL (well, an old URL actually). So now I'm flooded with email like:

From: Mary (Australia)
Would like further info from what was in the Irish Times.
Many thanks


From: Philip (Egypt)
I was reading an article in The Irish Times which indicated that further information on safe body piercing practice was available on the bme.freeq.com website.

I really want to know how a person manages to read an article that links to me, then follows that link, gets to BME, and somehow finds my email address before finding a body piercing link… I don't even know how it's possible.

I just got this message as well, it seemed funny to me, but maybe I'm just tired:

From: Daniel (bpmofthespirit@***.com)
Subject: where are the homeboy tattoos
I'm in to different stuff but what's in this season for east coast hiphop heads or core brothers
I really need something special to show off to all my friends

I told him that I didn't really think that copying someone else's tattoo was the best way to get “something special”.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who helped out in 2001 to make BME what it is… And to those of you who have just hung out on BME in 2001 and didn't help at all, I hope you make up for it in 2002! You know who you are!

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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