I'm up early today because I got a phone call at 7:30 from my mother — I'm dropping the Vette off at her house this evening for winter storage. I thought it was CFNY calling, I had the vague notion I was to do a follow-up interview today but I guess that got cancelled.

Anyway, first some funmail:

From: (Kristen Duncan)
Subject: you are sick

(no email body)

From: skullplate <>
Subject: what the hell?

you people are fucking sick. seriously.why the hell would anyone ever take it upon themselves to jam a rod down the inside of their dick?

And now off topic:

I mention it in conversation to people regularly, so I figured I'd dust out my links and mention it here as well... As I'm sure you know, Honda and other car companies are starting to build hybrid cars that are getting between 50 and 100 mpg. At the same time, cars are currently at a 21 year low for fuel efficiency.

In 1981, Doug Malewicki (the guy who invented the Robosaurus) built a car called the California Commuter. Going at highway speeds from LA to SF, he got almost 160 mpg. This was done using 1970s technology. His new car, the C2C project, is designed to drive across the US at 65+ MPH on a single tank of gas. He figures that for daily driving, you'll only have to gas up every four or five months.

I could name endless "real" (not "runs on water" conspiracy theory engines) technologies like this... Other good examples are the Veggie Van and the Grease Car, which show that diesel engines can be modified to run off of vegtable oil (like leftovers from deep fry tanks)... If you're in California, Grease Monkey Conversions runs regular classes (for virtually free) showing you how to convert your old diesel car to run off vegetable oil.

I know that people prefer going to enormous effort drilling holes in the ground to suck up oil and then spend enormous amounts of money building guns to defend it... but unless I'm missing something, it seems easiest just to build fuel efficient vehicles that run off of a renewable biomass fuel?

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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