Tattoos = Bad?

MajikMan just dropped me an IM to check out this article in the Times. It's about how youth with tattoos are far more likely to have sex and be involved in crime.

Big deal. Tattoos are socially deviant behavior. It doesn't matter how many accountants and school teachers get tattooed, there will always be more people who don't fit into society's mould getting them. Which means that among other things there will be more criminals getting them.

Want to know something else? It also means that more artists will get them. It means more free thinkers will get them. It means more mad scientists and eccentric ubergeeks will get them. It means more special people will get them.

Now that's the stat I want to see. I don't give a damn if tattooed teens are four times as likely to have sex, or twice as likely to smoke. I want to know that tattooed teens are ten times more likely to be creative. I want to know that tattooed teens are five times as likely to be in a band. I want to know that tattooed teens are twice as likely to start their own businesses.

Give me some stats that really mean something. Tattooed criminals is old news.

Warning to Parents: If your teen expresses an interest in tattoos, they may be intelligent and creative.

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